Amgs Studio & Omarcity

Amgs is a design studio on textile research created by Colombian designer Ana María Gómez, after finishing a Master’s degree in Textile Design at La Cambre. The core of amgs is to experiment with the visual, tactile and spatial dimension of textiles. Omarcity is a platform and design studio, founded by Heleen Fivez and Pieter Bogaerts, for sustainable and inspiring designers and artists from less obvious creative cities worldwide. Omarcity is changing narratives about design and brings new design (stories) to the scene.

In 2023 Ana María Gómez (amgs) and Heleen Fivez (Omarcity) did a residency together in Portugal. During this residency softness was the key feeling they felt, shared, and wanted to keep and translate into new designs. We shared a lot of ideas originating from our different backgrounds and ways of thinking, using textile and colors as language or as a place where those come together. The results are two tapestries and an installation called “The softroom”.