FOR THE NOW is a design platform where exchange is core. Exchange between designers, cultures, visual languages and frames of reference. FOR THE NOW is fluid, represents the present and above all what is accurate in it. It shows a reflection of what society looks in this very moment through design. FOR THE NOW will change along with our society. FOR THE NOW will never be the same.

FOR THE NOW is connected to the real world. While today’s multicultural society offers a rich palette of flavours, styles, colours and smells, this diversity has yet to fully find its way into the design world. That is why FOR THE NOW wants to broaden the reference frames we all grow up with and explore what happens when we leave the beaten track.

With the BINÔME project, FOR THE NOW encourages experimentation by fostering dialogues between designers and creatives from various backgrounds and identities. Both participants engage in self-discovery, exploring what makes them unique and the values they hold dear. These conversations then serve as a foundation to discover a common ground and to develop a visual language that embraces all identities.

The creative outcome of this exercise challenges the conventional notions of design. Can we blend visual languages? Can we shift our perception and open our minds to new designs, forms and shapes that we may not have encountered before?

The BINÔME project celebrates diversity and pushes the boundaries of design to create something fresh and exciting. It envisions a broader understanding of how design can evolve and appeals to a wide range of flavours and backgrounds.

For the general selection of the participants, FOR THE NOW specifically reaches out to artists and designers from all walks of life and from a wide variety of backgrounds. Thus FOR THE NOW wants to contribute to a more inclusive design world – one where our cultural histories come together.

FOR THE NOW wishes to showcase design that is representative of a society that is constantly changing.

FOR THE NOW contributes to a new societal equilibrium by looking for a common thread in a world of difference.

FOR THE NOW acts as an inspirational platform and meeting place.

FOR THE NOW is fluid and moves along with our civilization.

FOR THE NOW shows the translation through design of what is happening within our society.

FOR THE NOW is now, today.

FOR THE NOW will never be the same.