Antonella Valerio

LET’S TWIST AGAIN is a project that showcases ancient rope-making techniques (braiding/twisting/kumihimo) by upcycling textile waste. The key words of the project are: creation, encounter, sharing and empowerment. These multi-purpose ropes are destined for different fields, such as fashion, design and art, while stimulating a dialogue for collaborative creation at local level. Antonella Valerio also aims to enhance traditional textile techniques through a process of participatory experimentation, encouraging the creation of transgenerational and transcultural bridges and facilitating the transmission of ancient know-how.

Through my practice, in the middle ground between design and art, I try to open up a dialogue that bears witness to the deep connection between our everyday consumer choices and the environment that surrounds us. Throughout my artistic research, I explore traditional textile techniques in search of new artistic/aesthetic languages capable of communicating the ephemeral relationship between people and objects.