Atelier Janda Vanderghote

A bench and a table, pieces of furniture considered as an instrument as well as an object. They bring peace and decorate, both in the literal and figurative sense. A bench and a table as an instrument to create tranquillity in the day-to-day life. An instrument that allows you to either sit on or around it, to read, to philosophize, to discuss, to eat, to write, to gather, to rest… An instrument that offers you an escape from the speedy life and the hectic present. A bench and a table as an object to bring peace to a room. These objects are logical both in terms of aesthetics as well as in terms of structure. Thanks to the simplicity a functional and spatial added value is created. The instrument becomes an object and brings peacefulness.

Atelier Janda Vanderghote, founded by the architects Indra Janda and Menno Vanderghote, is a young architectural company in Ghent driven by the passion for craftsmanship and detail. They strive for sustainable projects which they embed in a subtle way in their surrounding area. The ideal symbiosis of aesthetical design, logical structure as well as optimized usage, that is exactly what they are aiming for. A vision which is reflected also in the development of their furniture.