Chloé Girten

My curiosity about the relationships we have with animals has fuelled my research, which has become a form of perpetual exploration and expression. Through animation, I have set in motion the actors of a world in which I saw myself growing up. Today, I use clay to discover the living world and create these characters in space as part of a travelling composition. I work with humour and lightness, based on a very instinctive relationship with creation, creating pieces with an abundance of graphics that result in something organic. My ceramic work provides a bridge to these characters, who emerge from an imaginary world somewhere between dream and reality. The result verges on the increasingly vague boundaries of the so-called ‘functional’ object. The pieces I’m exhibiting are a series of sculptures that bring together my artistic approach and the design of my craftwork. My aim is to create unique visual compositions, diversified by decoration, materials and textures, that fit into our everyday lives.

I obtained my Master’s degree in Animation Film at KASK Ghent (BE) in January 2021. It was during these years that I developed a fascination for the representation of animals, mainly through drawing and film. Curious about materials, I discovered ceramics in parallel with my studies four years ago. My relationship with this material took on its full meaning during my year at the Institut Européen des Arts Céramiques in Alsace (FR), where I obtained my diploma in July 2022. Today I live and work in Brussels (BE) in a Studio CityGate located in Anderlecht.