Disarming Design from Palestine

Disarming design from Palestine is a (Belgium based) independent non-profit project fostering thought-provoking designs from Palestine. Our contemporary design collection consists of useful everyday objects like ceramics, household products or jewellery. With a focus on high quality artisanal products (that are created in conscious and fair ways) the items speak of the reality they are manufactured in. Through a certain twist, adaptation or application, the meaning of the objects extend beyond the generalised everyday and touches on another, particular everydayness; the daily reality of living in Palestine. In each item there is something that tries to tell a story, that offers a lived perspective and questions the dominant narratives. Our activities range from product development during design workshops, to distribution, and active participation in exhibitions and events. At the heart of the project is a vivid network of makers and producers, as well as local and international designers. Together we invest in improving employment, and foster a dynamic exchange between contemporary designers, local resources, traditional crafts and international solidarity. In this way ‘Disarming design’ – that is, design that disarms – offers unique and beautiful everyday objects that can disarm the other.