Emma Terweduwe

In a new series of jacquard woven textiles, Emma Terweduwe presents her second collection GRID, combining her sensibility for bold graphic design with the traditional process of jacquard weaving. Using natural materials with subtle yet expressive properties, this new series expresses an organic and tactile feeling, brought into the present by texture and colour. These textile pieces can be repositioned, redisplayed and enjoyed again from new perspectives at their owners’ discretion.

Emma Terweduwe is a Belgian textile designer (1996). Her pieces are luxurious and expressive, combining natural and durable materials, strong and colourful graphic design, and her unique process of felting woven fabrics. By designing textiles that are meant to stimulate our sense of touch, her tactile works offer a critique of our fast-paced and superficial society, valueing appearance over substance. Her approach is deliberately slow and considered, applying digital tools to analog processes without compromising on the characteristics of a handmade object.