Fractall is the Belgium based design practice founded by Arne Desmet. Inspired by patterns and textures found in nature and fascinated by man-made materials and production processes, the objects in the Fractall collection appear both natural and industrial. The studio’s aim is to embrace technological production processes, while adding a sense of humanity to it. Despite their sculptural appearance, each object is highly functional. Often, remnants of the production processes are exposed, aiming to celebrate the materials in their pure form and the production processes that led to the creation of each object.

Arne Desmet was born in 1989 in Kortrijk. In 2011 he obtained a master degree in Industrial Design (currently part of Ghent University). While he enjoys working in the industrial design field, he decided to found an independent design practice Fractall in 2020. A studio focused on the design and realisation of unique furniture that is midway between art and functional object.