Frederik Van Humbeeck

The carved tables: order/chaos. The true power of this collection lies in the flowing lines and fascinating texture that adorn the underside of the table. What sets these tables apart is the fact that they are hand-carved, resulting in an explosion of lines that explore the boundaries of chaos. On the other hand, the tabletop exudes impeccable order, free from any dents, cracks, or imperfections. This is the epitome of perfection in order. However, it is precisely the fusion of order and chaos that makes these tables so intriguing. They are inseparably connected and rely on each other to come alive.

Drop Benches : With the Drop Benches, Frederik explores the boundaries of usability. What intrigues about these benches is the discomfort one experiences when «falling» into the seating position. However, this contrasts sharply with the relaxation one feels once seated. The comfort of these Drop Benches takes on a surprising twist. With the Drop Benches, Frederik challenges traditional limits. The combination of the delicate top and sturdy legs, along with the challenging comfort, creates a unique aesthetic and an intriguing contrast.

Introducing Frederik van Humbeeck, a designer and craftsman who follows his intuition to create exceptional pieces. Intrigued by the power of shapes and their ability to transform spaces and evoke emotions, he infuses his handmade works with a strong sense of personality.