ID&A Thomas More Mechelen

The Department of Interior, Design & Architecture at Thomas More University College in Mechelen is focusing on circular design both in its teaching and its research team. Not only in the continuing education in furniture design (VOMO) but also, among others, in the Bachelor of Interior Design in Day Education (IV) and in Open Higher Education (OHO), a contemporary continuation of the Mechelen furniture tradition is given the necessary oxygen. ˮTiTaˮ, ˮEmergency Stopˮ, and ˮLa Piernaˮ are just a small selection of the new crop.

TiTa -a rectangular aluminium lattice table topped with ceramic tiles to inspireinteractive use - by Lydia Cauwels (VOMO).

Emergency Stop - a lounge chair made of recycled nylon tape, originally the braking system for fighter jets - by Roos-an de Wijs (IV).

La Pierna - a round wooden table that allows the table top and the base to become one - by Emma Vandenhoeck (OHO).