LUCA school of arts

A blank page is a challenge: fill it with drawings, cut and fold it into a model, or crumple it up. Allowing ideas to flow freely is one of the most stimulating experiences in design. Actually, anything is possible. A good design begins by making the unthinkable conceivable. Those who look at reality differently tend to think outside the box more often. Not to develop unnecessary variations on familiar themes, but to actually and constructively innovate or generate meanings. Because turning a dream into an idea is the first step towards a better living environment.

Interior design is the mental and physical workshop where ideas and dreams are not only conceived but also materialized. It is the place where ideas, experimentation, materials, and tools come together. Creative exchanges and work pleasure are central in this dynamic environment. This is how the professional bachelor’s degree in interior design from LUCA School of Arts carries out its mission. This dynamic environment is reflected in the scenography: an adaptable concept depending on the context. An arrangement based on the four pillars of interior design: idea, experiment, material, and tools.