Marianne Sousletissulesoleil

Marianne creates weavings from fabrics that may have sentimental value. Through her hands, she enchants the memory, the transmission and the value of a human bond. Each weaving is the reflection of a moment. Sometimes dark, often soft and warm. They are life storytellers. Silk, jeans become thread. The intertwining of fabrics becomes a palette. Her pieces exude an intriguing magic, softness and a sense of intimacy.

Ever since she was young she has loved light. Her intertwining of fabrics in metal structures gave life to her desires. This luminous work “I See You” is a project close to her heart. Marianne dreamed of a place, an opportunity to bring it to life. FOR THE NOW is the meeting point between the fabric of her lamps, the poetry of their gaze on us and an audience surrendering to the idea of light as a look at oneself.