Morevi is delighted to premiere a series of newly created hand-felted tapestries at FOR THE NOW 2023. These hand-felted tapestries are crafted from wool and are hand-dyed using natural pigments derived from plants. The works pay homage to nature and tradition while reflecting Georgian heritage. Morevi’s tapestries become beacons in a space, offering both physical and emotional warmth, as well as a sense of mystique.

Morevi is the creative moniker of the Georgian- Belgian artist/design duo Ana Naskidashvili and Frederik Poisquet. Drawing inspiration from nature, culture, and Georgian heritage, the duo specializes in crafting handmade textile works. Going beyond the conventional notion of rugs and tapestries solely for interior purposes, Morevi employs them as their artistic medium. Every piece is crafted by hand in their Antwerp studio, resulting in unique creations.