Naomi Waku & Marijke Jans

The root of our collaboration lies within the encounter of light and darkness. Through an organic study of emotions, we designed “the cage”, where we aim to depict what occurs in oneself during a depression/ a depressive state.

Our project focuses on bringing more awareness to our mental health as a collective.

Following a deep dive into ourselves and in each other, where we looked at our differences, in skin, lifestyle,work and work methodology we tried to find common grounds. Since both our work comes from our emotions rather than logic, we took on a daring path to truly explore what was there to work around. Mental health and depression is a theme that is as important us. Depression is a topic that resonated with us as, as artists we tend to use our emotions as fuel to our art even in the darkest moments.

And so naturally we asked ourselves the following: how do we depict depression in an object form that encompasses both of our artistic identities.

Lots of times, depression goes unnoticed and research, studies and our own experience on this subject provided us with the affirmation that in current times depression rates are at an alarming high number in our society and help is sometimes difficult to find. With this project we want to focus on a rising awareness on a problem affecting 1 in 4 people in Belgium alone.

Since the theme of depression is fragile, the decision to make every object by hand came naturally. This project is for us a statement about colors,new materials and about the connection between two artists.