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FOR THE NOW, formerly known as Contemporary Design Market, is the design exchange platform that aims to reflect the diversity In Belgium and in design. FOR THE NOW is more than just an exhibition. It is a curated, diverse, and inspirational platform. It celebrates creativity and cosmopolitanism. It is a meeting place for creatives where around 50 designers and design companies showcase their work.

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This 6th edition will take place on November 16 and 17 in MAISON DE LA POSTE, Gare Maritime, Tour&Taxis Brussels. It will showcase a reflection on all forms of contemporary design, highlighting different angles of social, cultural, and societal contexts, styles, colors, and visual languages.

FOR THE NOW specifically reaches out to designers, artists, and creatives from all walks of life and a wide variety of backgrounds. The event aims to contribute to a more inclusive design world, where cultural histories and different identities come together to create new shared visual languages.

If you are interested in participating in this exciting event, please submit your project proposal by filling out the form. We welcome all types of projects that embody creativity, contemporary design and/ or diversity.

Join us at FOR THE NOW and be part of the celebration of diversity through contemporary design!

FOR THE NOW partners up with Weekend Knack & Feeling Wonen. The ceremony of DESIGNER OF THE YEAR will be held at the event.


Apply before June 25, 2024 by filling in the form

Jury and selecting the final participants on July 5, 2024

Fee to participate in the event in November:

  • €160 excl. TVA for 4m2 (1 available)

  • €200 excl. TVA for 5m2 (1 available)

  • €240 excl. TVA for 6m2 (1 available)

  • €320 excl. TVA for 8m2 (9 available)

  • €360 excl. TVA for 9m2 (4 available)

  • €400 excl. TVA for 10m2 (1 available)

  • €480 excl. TVA for 12m2 (24 available)

  • €560 excl. TVA for 14m2 (1 available)

  • €600 excl. TVA for 15m2 (2 available)

  • €880 excl. TVA for 22m2 (1 available)

This fee includes your place in MAISON DE LA POSTE to showcase your work, scenography, production, communication, PR, and overall guidance.

extra charge for electricity (if needed) is 70€ excl. TVA

In 2023 the event reached more than 7500 visitors and received more than 65 press articles.

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