Pepijn De Greef

With the KAVOVA Collection (Ukrainian for coffee), Pepijn shows that using a coffee filter and recycled plastic can result in a unique lamp. KAVOVA was created as a tribute to the internship in Ukraine. There, too, drinking coffee together is a moment of rest, discussion and sharing stories. KAVOVA was created as a reminder of these moments. The KAVOVA collection consists of two products. Of the first - a table and wall lamp - only 16 unique lamps are available. The floor lamp KAVOVA XL is still running until the coffee filter used as a mold breaks down. Each product within the series has a unique colour combination and pattern.

Nothing is what it seems. Objects and raw materials always offer other possibilities than what they are initially intended for. Pepijn uses parts unconventionally to create new wholes with unexpected or relatable functions. Inspiration for products often arise from the confluence of memories, circumstances and what is available. Pepijn’s design process is driven by serendipity and a fresh perspective on objects.