Seppe Dombrecht

“I had time to think” is a set of four stools and a table that explores the contrast and interplay of deformation and restoration. Each object develops its own character during the creation process. Rectangular volumes are hardened with layers of acrylic resin. These primary forms, initially delicate and malleable, take on a unique identity as each layer solidifies. Once fully hardened the surfaces become rough and textured. After they are refined through manual sanding, resulting in a softer and more inviting form.

Printed Vases: The 3D printed ceramic vases push the boundaries of what is possible with this production method. Digitally sculpted, the vases consist entirely of clay and are supported by five legs.

Six-legged sunbed chair - The sunbed chair is a surprising fusion of materials and a unique approach to structural design. Six polyurethane «feet» support a six-legged frame. The plexiglass plate attaches to the frame with suction cups. The frame and translucent plate create a shadow play under the chair.

Seppe Dombrecht, a Brussels-based designer, has a unique vision on the fusion of design and art. With a background in industrial product design and a postgraduate degree in furniture design, Seppe’s work takes on a sculptural character. The exploration and deformation of self-determined archytypes often plays a part in his work and is brought to life through contemporary materials and production techniques.