Stijn D’Hondt

Artbeats is a design project of Stijn D’Hondt that celebrates life and plays with the duality of death by creating vibrant graphic arts made by heartbeats. Research revealed that we can see our mental state of mind if we look at the curves of our heartbeat. Our memories, our pain and excitements. Every heartbeat is unique and tells you something. With self-developed software Stijn captured the heartbeats of himself and people he met on his journey. Every ‘heartwork’ is an homage to a unique moment in life or a memory. It tells the story of humankind and the vulnerability of existence. The work is a souvenir of a present moment. We have a finite number ofheartbeats in our life. It is only alive if it has its ups and downs; otherwise, it’s only a straight, flat line. Cherish every single one and see the beauty.

Stijn D’Hondt was born in a little town in Belgium named Anzegem and grew up in the city of Ghent. At a young age he lost his mom to breast cancer and at that moment he began creating art & design. His fascination with human life - and death - grew and he started to make his own visual style around it. The recurrence of heart disease his family also inspired himto work with heartbeats as a symbol to honor life. His art can been seen as playful, positive and vulnerable.