Studio Peter Van Riet

A search for the essence of design, bringing back the value of authenticity. Inspired to change the way creativity is used in a modern consumer society, Peter is going back to his roots: the essence of design. A search for function, beauty, shape, emotions,… with a strong focus on the process, as for him the creative path is key, much more than knowing what the destination will be. Fusion, an object that has no real name and it is also not essentially functional. Peter created a place, an environment where you can sit, read, arrange books,… More than an object it’s a representation of the creative process at a certain stage and in a certain context.

Inventor, speaker, author, entrepreneur, innovator, thinker-out-of-the-box,… The list goes on, but Belgian Peter Van Riet is probably best known as an internationally recognised designer and co-author of the book Create Meaningful Stuff. Questioning dominant design and investigating the world we live in, Peter creates valuable concepts based on real needs and unconventional insights. These needs and insights are being translated into objects, focussing on experience and manifestation, rather than on functionality.