In this new collection TheAlfredCollection continues the artisanal tradition. The collection is made with hand-spun premium Tibetan highland wool, the yarn is known for its softness and prized for its durability. The fine supreme wool gives the carpets a rich beauty in its materiality. The strength of the rugs is a interplay between yarn and design. The rugs are hand-woven, which makes each piece unique. In this series, the TheAlfredCollection uses both natural wool and a balanced colour palette. The craft and tradition of hand weaving enhances the special character of the rugs. Each rug is woven and finished with great care. This technique allows designing for a specific space, to meet a customer’s special wish or in function of a project. The new range is woven in Nepal and carries the STEP label. STEP is the fair trade non-profit organization committed to the wellbeing of weavers and workers in the handmade carpet industry.